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What is Knowledge-First?
Knowledge-First: Academic and enrichment programming that facilitates exemplary student success by cultivating personal integrity while developing excellence in character and self-discipline.   

What separates Knowledge-First from other educational programs?

At Knowledge-First, we create an environment where our learners are partners. Throughout the teaching cycle, we work collaboratively with our students to illustrate the relationship between the acquisition of knowledge and the personal relevancy of this information. Because of this attention to both subject matter and more importantly, to the learners themselves, they soon become self-directed in their thirst for knowledge. Using the elements of the virtues, and realizing the needs of the "Whole Child," our students gain an appreciation for the acquisition of knowledge, learn to value the educational environment, themselves and the contributions of others. We believe, as did Plato, that the purpose and ultimate value of education is not to stick thoughts into the pupils’ head, but to inspire them to think for themselves.  

Why do students embrace the Knowledge-First concept?

At Knowledge-First, we respect the rights and opinions of our students. As professionals, we do not take for granted the individual and collective needs of our students. Utilizing our unique instructional methods, we establish a relationship between the student, the facilitator and the information. We maintain a non-threatening learning zone where each student is not only encouraged to participate, but each learns to discover ways to create their own distinct and meaningful contribution.  

How and with whom are the programs implemented?

We meet with campus leaders to determine what educational components are most valued and needed on site. We take a needs assessment and work to construct the most highly motivating and educationally effective program possible. All instructors are either practicing or retired personnel who are leaders in their discipline, and who are trained using best teaching practices and researched based theories.  

How do campuses characteristically use the components?

We have found enormous success through both the after school environment and as a provider of academic and enrichment components during regular school hours. For example, we are used by many home schooling, charter school and private school campuses that look to magnify existing or provide educational components that are typically not carried on their campus.
Our chess classes, class piano and music appreciation components have been highly regarded and requested. For the public school setting, our components are typically utilized during the after school setting to enhance the selection of activities that they are able to offer. Providing after school programming that not only assists students with their academic needs, but also addresses and stimulates their imagination. In that many of our students often return home before parental supervision is available, offering after school programming becomes a real benefit for students in general and the community in particular.  

          It is refreshing to work with the Knowledge First team to achieve my academic goals.
John W., Houston, TX
          The courses were well-organized and appropriate for my academic level.
India B., Sugarland TX

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