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We believe that Life is not a destination, but a journey of assembled choices and decisions made.  We further believe that during our early stages of development, we acquire our life force; an inner force that is relentlessly perceiving and acclimating itself to its surroundings. 
We further believe that it is the conditions of the psychological influences received from our environment during this lifelong process, which assembles our experiences as a cultivating journey, and uniquely develops and shapes the essence of our character and ability.   

It is therefore understood that education, when properly utilized, will unlock doors and propel us to heights that were heretofore unattainable. We are additionally convinced that the combination of the quality of education, along with psychological influences and abilities, becomes the principal stimulate of what is universally called “destiny.” 
We realize that destiny is as fluid as the choices and decisions we make.  We recognize that our destiny is exclusively a matter that we can control if we will but take that important first step of self-confidence.
Our goal at Knowledge-First, is to build this self-confidence through providing the highest quality of instruction and educational services available.  Our students acquire a personal passion for knowledge; to create within themselves the ability to positively influence their destiny, and ultimately, to effectively enhance their lives, and moreover, to seek the betterment in the lives of others.   

          It is refreshing to work with the Knowledge First team to achieve my academic goals.
John W., Houston, TX
          The courses were well-organized and appropriate for my academic level.
India B., Sugarland TX

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